Saturday, 9 August 2014

Creative Arts

Barbie/ Doll Party Invitation and Decorations.
These are very simple flowers made with kite paper. Very light weight and can be easily put with scotch tapes.

All other deocrations were in purple and pink.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Creative Arts

So, here I am with another creative art entry. This is also made with Geru (Reddle/ Ruddle/ लाल खाड़ियाand white poster colour with single brush.

I recently made two of the fusion artworks.

I have mixed art elements to create a scene of harmonious existence of living things in nature.

A scene where three females are together, elements of nature are together but there is still some gap between unification of nature and humans.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Trying to Understand Things Around Me

On life and Death

While I was reading through many news items related to including the recent air crash, I realised that the real accidents are mainly due to some small (petty) mistake which have not been fatal earlier. It is just like one such unique situation which no one thought could be so dangerous otherwise. Many have done it earlier and have got away with it. Thousands sigh of relief because they were not the ones who were gone even though they' d also been through the same situation. 
Crashed C130J Super Hercules Aircraft near Agra on Mar 29, 2014.

Of course, I am a firm believer of 'Reality is stranger than fiction.
Reality is what happens in front of our eyes or what is logical. It is like a competition between GOD's mind (reality) and human minds (fiction). There have been many incidents where people have been shocked to find real revelations.

God, gives us many chances before showing us the final 'Judgement Day.' But, the number of chances are not fixed for all living beings. (I think we can ask Dr. Brian Weiss or Sadguru Jaggi about the number of chances concept, if they can help us out with that.)
The stuntmen, daredevils continuously take chances and keep working for their bread and butter by taking chances and another man on the road, just passes away. 

The strong, intelligent, dexterous, courageous men/ women, who can fly aeroplanes (soar to great heights), climb mountains, go deep underwater, dance, run, build spaceships to try and scale the milky way, etc. are just finished within milliseconds. Just like that they are gone. Their bravery, plans, adeptness, curiosity, power, brilliance, abilities just depend upon BREATH. Breathe in breathe out, Breathe in breathe out and if there is a break in this routine... suddenly the soul leaves the body. As if the soul is tied to the body with a 'breathing lace'. Cut the lace or untie the lace and SWOOSH! the link breaks.

We are so feeble (our life depends upon a breath) and so strong (capable of scaling sea, mountains and sky) at the same time. We live in a balance of extreme opposites. 

Presence of breath --> life and Absence of breath --> death

All I can say is that Amazing! creator created us. I still want to understand the plan behind this fine balance. What is it that the creator wanted to achieve with this balance. I am sure, it is done with a reason and not without a cause.

Creative Arts

Handmade Paper Dolls
These dolls were made as a part of table decoration for Chinese Food Items.
All the dolls depict traditional attires from Noodle Eating Countries.
These were very light weight as they were stuck on Ice-cream sticks and so they were easier to stand on half cut potatoes. (You can make them stand on clay pots also.)
The names of cooks are also the names of real chefs from those countries.     

Purida Teerapong
Thailand doll in traditional dress

Indonesian doll in traditional dress
Maria Irene Susanto, now better known by the name Ririn Marinka from Indonesia.


Korean doll in traditional dress
Chef Jung HaYeon

Vietnamese doll in traditional dress- Christine Ha
Christine Ha: Winner of MasterChef Season 3 (US)


Chinese doll in traditional dress

Japanese doll in traditional dress- Shoko Sakiyama
Shoko Sakiyama, left, is sous chef at EDO-ko on Spadina Ave. KEITH BEATY / TORONTO STAR

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Creative Arts

Hand Painted Envelopes
Hand Painted Evelopes
These are the gift voucher envelopes which were given to the prize winners in a function. I tried to use minimal colours and all of them had the idea of joy, happiness and celebration.

Game Review

Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Genre: Adventure Game 
Platform: Windows/Mac
Quality: Good
Age-group: 12 to 15 years
Learning: 3/5 (If age-group is followed)
Violence: 3/5
Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

Younger kids will need parent's help because none of the parts can be skipped.

It is cumbersome for those who are not used to playing games on computers i.e. it is not very easy to navigate. There are places where you get stuck. Learning comes slowly after many clicks and time is past. 

Graphics and feel of the scenes are good but a player has to really wait to learn things. Every step, click and second in a computer game like this should be used for learning.

The subject matter includes-- terrorism, biological weapons, threats to Nancy's life.

Honestly, speaking the beginning of the game surrounds events like Nancy's mother's death--> This is a heavy feeling to start with and might upset players. If it is game so let be it. In a game at least we can control somethings like these.
Screenshot from the game.